By Skaters for Skaters

Conceived in the Hills of Salt Lake City, Graphic Grip is designed as a solution to prevent image fade on printed grip tape. Being a long time skateboarder, Founder and inventor Christian Dunbar grew tired of the images on his grip tape degrading with continued usage. Using an innovative set of techniques, Christian defined a whole new category in the market, Never Fade Grip Tape. Beyond an image that would stand up to endless abuse, the Graphic Grip concept meant something more. It was the dawn of a new era of customization. “I needed a personalized ride, so I produced a sheet with an image that really resonates with me”, says Christian. “People still freak out about how crisp and vibrant it is.” Graphic Grip is produced in Utah by skateboarders who care about industry standard quality, and the freedom of expression.

What’s all the hype about?

The Graphic Grip Brand aims to combine an industry standard product with a simple feature; anyone may print their own Grip Tape  – fast forward a few hours later and your Custom Grip Tape is on the way to your door. Skater built and skater trusted — we all ride with our own style.


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